Uninspired or Over-inspired?

Who shuns the drunkenness from the deep waters of inspiration?  Head spinning, heart pounding, electrified with ideas and invincible with creativity.  Fueled by our brainchildren, we leap forth from the doldrums of every day life and touch the heavens.  The earth below is for mere mortals and we crave ever more dazzling thoughts, sparks, and revelations.

Higher and higher we rise.  Then like Icarus, the overwhelming heat of it all overwhelms and crushes our mortal senses and what was once illustrious becomes overpowering.  Our waxen wings begin to melt, oftentimes before we even begin to notice and earth plummets before us and we crash.  Then listless to experience any semblance of imagination.


The deadened feeling of a lack of inspiration when searching and yearning for exhilaration is on the same continuum as inundation.  It is a drowning of the senses versus the drowning in a lack of the senses.  Careful to not mistake becoming overly inspired as being uninspired.


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