4 Nights in Bangkok

Bangkok-wild, fragrant, electric, flowery, ever-moving Bangkok!  No where in the world is like Bangkok.  It’s like the Paris but on LSD and throw in jasmine and ever moving stream of people, motorcycles, trains, metros, and the like.  It and its people are enchanting.  Thailand has been called a land of a smiles.  They weren’t joking.  The … More 4 Nights in Bangkok

5 Ways to Survive Post Travel Blues

Wikipedia’s definition of post travel blues, “…vacation/holiday blues or less commonly, post-travel depression (PTD) is a type of mood that persons returning home from a long trip (usually a vacation) may experience.” Dorothy told us, “There’s no place like home.”   It’s ironic that my legal residence is Kansas City.  I still haven’t seen an … More 5 Ways to Survive Post Travel Blues