Why Sexual Assault Survivors Want to Stay Quiet

1. Embarrassment.
2. Fear of reliving the trauma.
3. Vulnerability of undergoing a rape kit.
4. Protecting a loved one who might retaliate.
5. Fear that a partner might leave her/him.
6. Not wanting others to see him/her as a victim.
7. Fear of not being believed.
8. Fear of being blamed for the assault.
9. Wanting to avoid being triggered when telling.
10. Not wanting to go to court.
11. Fear of being questioned by attorneys.
12. Undermining and underplaying the assault.
13. Not wanting to disrupt her/his family’s lives.
14. Not wanting to feel upset that his/her attacker may not be charged as only 57 out of 1,000 cases lead to arrest and only 6 out of 1,000 cases lead to incarceration.
15. Fear of retaliation.
16. Not wanting to get the perpetrator in trouble.
17. Believing that law enforcement wouldn’t be able to do anything.
18. Belief that it wasn’t important enough to report.
19. Fear that law enforcement wouldn’t help.
20. Thinking that it was a personal issue and not something to report.
21. Fear of ridicule.
22. Fear of social stigma.


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