Cures For The Travel Bug: 7 Between Trip Tips

For those of us infected with the incurable and ever insatiable travel bug, settling with ordinary life in our home of origin can be well, hard, to say the least. 

Planning and researching a trip provides its own joy. Then we experience the high and exhilaration that comes with travel. Even post travel, despite the propensity for some blues, can still be rewarding with unpacking, going through muddied clothes from a hiking expedition, and  seeing sand collected at the bottom of a bag.
But when everything is put away and no future trips are planned and the itch begins to surface, what is one left to do? 

Check out these 7 ways to help you make it until your next trip.

  1. Visit an international food store

These stores are brimming with sights and smells of worlds beyond. They beckon of far away places you may have visited or they may excite your senses to travel somewhere new. Asian stores are some of my favorite because they often carry live seafood. I love to watch an octopus groping around water tanks. They also usually carry nonfood items such as ceramics and decorations. It’s fun to get lost in the aisles and dream about lands beyond.

2. Visit an ethnic restaurant

Thai food is by far my favorite food. When I’m not in Bangkok, I am lucky enough to live 2 blocks away from an authentic Thai restaurant, Lulu’s Thai Noodle Shop. Their sauces and flavors carry me back to that amazing city. Branch out to other cuisines such as Ethiopian, Vietnamese, Korean, etc.

3. Attend an International Festival

Many larger cities are fortunate to host international festivals. Flags fly as high as spirits with dancing, foods, music, and more. This is a great place to see the world without leaving home. Smaller festivals can also quench your appetite such as Greek Festivals and other Heritage festivals.

4. Read a travel memoir or travel books

Travel memoirs are a fantastic way to travel when you cannot leave home. Authors have a way of connecting readers and bringing you into other worlds. Some of my favorite travel writers include Bill Bryson, Alexander McCall Smith, and Maarten Troost.

5. Visit an ethnic store – a local store or Cost Plus World Market

Yes, I know the World Market is not locally owned but it’s a quick and easy way to feel as if you are traveling without leaving home. Many of the items are relatively inexpensive and fun to see.

6. Read a travel magazine, Pinterest, Instagram

We all know how addicting images are and how easy it is to become lost on Pinterest. Drown yourself with them and let the song of faraway places enchant you. Afar Magazine combines fresh stories with breathtaking pictures.

7. Study a language

Nothing says “Africa” like speaking Swaheli. Pick up an audio course at the library or iTunes.

When all else fails, pack your bags and get out of Dodge!



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