Walking to the South End of Manhattan…

Walking from Soho to the South end of Manhattan, wind picks up. I suppose that’s because nothing is there to block it. On my way, I stumbled upon the 9-11 Memorial and The Freedom Tower. To be honest, I hadn’t really wanted to see this. I saw the giant craters left by the original Twin Towers less than a year after 9-11 and the haunting experience was enough for me to last forever. I thought the memorial was exquisite and respectful remembrance to those who perished as well as a strong testament to triumphant spirit as the new tower stood out of the hallowed ground. The Freedom Tower was so tall that I couldn’t see the top of it because of low hanging clouds.

NYC Freedom Tower
Names of the killed during 9-11 are inscribed before the waterfall.  The Freedom Tower stands behind the memorial.  It set a respectful and somber mood.

I made my way farther South to see the water’s edge. Framed by wooden water markers and blue lights, Lady Liberty stood tall and defiant. I projected that I thought I saw her shed a little tear because of our current political situation and the more recent attacks of democracy.  She reassures me that all will be well.  I’m still little skeptical.

NYC girl balloons
This little girl was a spark of happiness.  I love her enthusiasm over all these pink, red, and white balloons.

I walked a little farther to the Museum of Jewish Heritage. That too was a somber, respectful tribute.  I couldn’t help but take away the resiliency of the human spirit and the importance of enjoying each and every moment. In fact, standing in front of me on an add in the subway later that day was a sign saying, “Time is of the essence”. Isn’t that the truth!


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