Tribeca NYC Reflections

They say New York is the city that never sleeps.  That didn’t hold true for me.  I slept like a corpse and rose late.  I made a cup of hot tea and watched the sun crest over the gritty skyline in Soho. What’s interesting here is that I see dozens of what looks like old water towers on many of the roofs. I wonder if that’s what they are and from a hundred or so years ago.

NYC Tribeca Bldgs
Row of gorgeous buildings in Tribeca.  The ironwork is characteristic of this area as are the 4-5 story buildings which are some of the oldest in NYC.  That aren’t taller because elevators weren’t added.

I like seeing all the mismatched rooftops all at different heights. I think they look like a collage of interesting stories and exciting details. The roof tops are a much different city scape than seeing the architectural details and embellishments when I’m at street level. It’s like looking over the treetop canopy. We may be moving to Brooklyn today. We’re waiting to find out if we need to change hotels or not with his company. I prefer to stay in Tribeca and Soho to be able to soak up more of this area before exploring Brooklyn.

I have to mention how much I love riding the subways. Navigating them feels empowering that I can sort out the underground chaos to get to where I want to go and to have the freedom to zip across the city faster than my 2 legs though I also feel a tremendous amount of freedom and stability to be able to rely on my legs to carry me from one destination to another. Walking has a grittiness to it. I think it comes from being exposed to the elements and being able to pass places and people slower to pick up more of the vibe and atmosphere.

Each subway stop is decorated differently. Some subway stops underground list it’s particular stop in a mural or decorative tile mosaic. No 2 are alike and even though the mosaic is created in a subway, underground feel, it’s still a work of art. A modern and practical work of art that brings flare to the lack of light and echoes of the subway trains. All of this ambiance makes me feel like I’m in a movie back drop waiting for a scene to take place.

NYC Flower stand

Today, my plan is to write, to send email messages, and take care of some business items. Then, I’m looking at taking the subway uptown to the Design Museum. Imagine a design museum! I think Liz would love this of course. I’m curious about their exhibits. But, I’m reminded about how design influences every aspect of life and also affirmed with how I crave beauty and details of inspiration in my own life and in various fashions and details. Even because to do so, requires slowing down, to pay attention, and to be aware. Barreling through like a freight train lacks time, sophistication and insight into the details that illuminate life.

NYC Tiger Graffiti

Danya Darling


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