Tribeca NYC Reflections

I like seeing all the mismatched rooftops all at different heights. I think they look like a collage of interesting stories and exciting details. The roof tops are a much different city scape than seeing the architectural details and embellishments when I’m at street level. It’s like looking over the treetop canopy. … More Tribeca NYC Reflections

1980’s Take Your Daughter to Work Day: Cop Style

I don’t think most kids grow up aware of what their parents do for a living. Years before Take your child to work day, my dad wildly broke working barriers for his daughters by busting us right through his work place doors into the nitty gritty of the St. Louis Police headquarters. … More 1980’s Take Your Daughter to Work Day: Cop Style

Desire for the Danger Zone

The infection to travel does not discriminate locations.  Just because one of Turkey’s residents assassinated the Russian ambassador yesterday and the country’s close proximity to the Syrian conflict does not take away from Istanbul’s rich history and amazing people and therefore it’s draw as a fabulous travel destination.  In fact, strangely, it kind of makes … More Desire for the Danger Zone