Wishing the Travel Didn’t End

I’m taking a brief trip down memory lane to recall when I traveled Europe as a young 20-year-old, ah, to have that skin again…I digress.  Anyway, I, like many other backpackers bought a Eurorail pass so I could take the trains anywhere around Europe.  The freedom that this pass held to me.  If only it … More Wishing the Travel Didn’t End


Learning About Conservation in Kuala Lumpur

Our condo in Kuala Lumpur was in a 9-story building which was common since Kuala Lumpur was so densely populated that people built upward and not outward. The 3-bedroom apartment was spacious by Asian standards. Actually, it was luxurious. I noticed some fundamental differences that made me reevaluate my concepts of conservation. I thought owning … More Learning About Conservation in Kuala Lumpur