Lifeguard huts-Functional Art

Down with ordinary functionality. Style, creativity, and expression prevail- at least in South Beach. Lives are guarded and oceans patrolled in style folks. And I am reminded to inject creativity in all aspects of everyday life. 

Yellow flag = caution. Purple flag = dangerous marine life present.

All told, 35 unique life guard stations keep watch along South Beach from 87th St. to South Point. 

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.               – Maya Angelou

4-wheelers allow to cover sand quickly.

Art enthusiasts might appreciate the contrasting yellow and purple on this little beauty. 

This station comes equipped with a surf board.

I’m thinking this color would be great for my house…

Out of the ashes…

It was after 1992’s Hurricaine Andrew’s destruction and torrent that these little beauties arose. Most of the lifeguard stations had been obliterated and architect William Lane came to the rescue designing the artful replacements. 

May we all exude such style and passion as these little, darling beach shacks. 


4 thoughts on “Lifeguard huts-Functional Art

  1. As an architect I enjoyed this post very much! I loved Miami when I visited partly because of its colors 😉
    Do you have a favorite?

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    1. No kidding! Thanks so much. It seems as though the architect choose a lot of Art Deco themes for the beach huts closer to South Beach which I have to say I gravitate toward. It’s one of my fav architectural and historical periods. What type of architecture do you craft?

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