Traveling When Tired

All great explorers fall prey to fatigue.  Even those of us with the most amount of energy need to rest and recuperate.   When travel is the name of your game but, exhaustion has set in, exploration is still possible.

  1. Allow yourself to rest.

I spent my early 20’s lamenting over the fact that I wasn’t one of those rare people who could exist on 4 hours of sleep a night.  No, I needed more like 7-8 for basic functioning.  Finally, after many weeks, months, and years of disregarding my basic needs, I realized that my quality of life was dramatically improved when I did rest.  I would rather forego an hour of sleep to comb the streets of Florence but, when I felt dizzy from sleep deprivation, it found just wasn’t worth it.

2. Open a window while you rest and let in the world

As long as it’s not a thousand degrees when letting the ole body rest and recover for more fabulous exploring, open a window and let in the sounds of your surroundings.  Hear the balls bounce from neighborhood kids in the favelas.  Listen to ladies clamoring and cooking meals in the neighborhoods to be eaten later.  Enjoy the cacophony of the sounds of your exotic environment.

View outside my room in Paris.

When I visited Marseille, I was lucky to find a room at a 19th century chateau near the ocean.  My room had large portico windows letting in the sunlight and sounds of the ocean and neighborhood.  I found my Zen happy place listening to the waves crashing and children laughing and playing.  Obviously, this is still a very happy memory.
Imagine not taking in moments like these and all the subtle nuances of a trip you could miss.

3. You must eat so, eat locally

We are bound to eating 3 plus meals a day.  This is an opportunity to pour oneself into the eating habits and diets of your travel destination.  Eat in your room with produce from the market, drink coffee, chi, tea, or whatever the locals sip during breakfast.  Taking a day or two or however many to recoup is still an opportunity to explore the culinary delights of your trip.

4. Chill like the locals

Why not take time out of your day to chill out like the locals.  Take in some beach time in Belize and enjoy a cervesa or try your skill at a hammock.  In Paris?  Then, the café is calling your name.  Café life is an art in France and perfected with cappuccino and wine.

5. Research your trip

Chilling out is a great time to take stock into what you’re going to do once energy levels rise.  Travel books, travel apps, etc. are low-energy tools for downtime.  Figure out your next high-energy moves.

6. For the scribes and those who journal, write

Downtime is a perfect time to send post cards, to journal, if you’re so inclined, to send email, jot down your travel experiences, and go through pics. you’ve taken.  Recap on your experiences already and relish in those you’re about to have.  I’m a sucker for journaling and collecting pictures and captions from the places I travel and love to take a restful hour or so to go through my treasures.

7. Take a low-key adventure tour

This is a perfect time for a trolley tour, catamaran trip on the ocean, or an excursion to hot springs. Go for travel R&R. 

This is a photo of a sunset catamaran tour in Belize. Had a blast. I can also add that the rum flowed as well.


Travel well!




9 thoughts on “Traveling When Tired

  1. Wow, I love this post! I am one who often falls into the habit of not wanting to rest as I want to experience everything I can- this is a great way to let you still enjoy your trip without running yourself into the ground.

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  2. I love the points you list out here. The 19th century chateau by the sea sounds like a holiday home straight out of a travel dream. Down time is such an important factor while on the move. We underestimate the importance of it most often xx

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      1. By one big tip is always never try to do too much. It’s very tempting to think that you might be visiting somewhere just the once, so you have to see everything. Don’t try. The less you see, the more you’ll get out of what you do see.

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