Staying Fit on Trips

Fellow fitness fanatics, watchers of waistlines, doctors orders followers, hard-to-sit-still folks, and everyone else in between: this blog is for you!

Travel and vacations are often wrought with a lack of gyms, heels of food, some R&R, and lastly, a desire even to work out in the same old regiment on a treadmill or slamming weights in a dark and smelly gym.  

Fear not!  Follow these tips below to keep yourself lovely and trim during your fabulous vacation:

1. Follow the rainbow

Eat a plethora of colors i.e. vegtables and fruits.  Albeit when doing so will not cause intestinal parasites in which case you’re screwed.   I’m just kidding.  Even in countries where eating fresh fruits and veggies could cause you to loose weight in an unfun way, and so should be avoided, you can still choose from lean meats and well, very cooked veggies.  All the other smart nutrition advice pertains on vacation as well such as to not drink your calories.  Foregoe calorie laden smoothies and daquories.  Opt for plain ole liquor instead sans sugar.  You can do it!

A rainbow of veggies and fruits, some of which I’ve never seen, in Colombia.

2. Take the stairs

Try this just as an experiment.  Take the stairs for a day at home or on holiday and check on your phone (download a pedometer or your iPhone’s heart health app) to see how many flights of stairs you climbed in one day.  This adds up.  And, remember to take the stairs in airports as well.  Talk about a place with massive flights of stairs!

3. Keep a pedometer with you.

Technology is your friend.  Fit bits, smart phone apps, vivofit thingiemabobers galore.   You get the picture.  For sure lounge and worship the sun, hopefully shaded by an umbrella, but also, get up and move.  Your technology will be the one that says, “Time for a walk buddy.”

4. Break out with activities

Holidays are breeding grounds for activities: parasailing, sightseeing tours, bicycle riding, snorkeling, etc.  Nothing gets the heart pumping like zip lining through a jungle canopy.  Okay, so does sex.  They are great cardiovascular activities.  I recommend both.  Not only can these activities be fun and a way to exercise but they are great ways to explore and break out of your comfort zone.

I love to go horseback riding when I travel. I just have to do this when I’m not traveling with my 220lb darling. Horses do not like him.

5. If all else fails, take a walk

Such a simple but tried and true method for excercise and to enjoy life- insert sigh brought on by a fabulous vacation and endorphins brought on by your walk. 

Who wouldn’t want to take a stroll here?!

6. Food is not a reward. 

I’m on vacation.                                                                                 I deserve this.                                                            I work so hard and now I can relax and have dessert.

These and others are often excuses to over indulge. Stay out of this trap. 

The list of excuses go on for ways to indulge in excessive sweets.  Hey, moderation is good.  I’m not a fan of deprivation.  Have what you want in moderation, and you will not crave it and therefore, not binge on it and then go through the negative cycle of feeling guilty and then depriving yourself and then binging again…  With that being said, if you make food a reward, you will be emotionally tied to food.  When food is not a reward, it’s just food.  This is not to say food can’t be enjoyed and appreciated but, take out the emotionality behind it.

I know-I said not to drink your calories but this margarita I shared with my sister was worth it!

Travel well friends!


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