Brunch-Daytime’s Equivalent of an Evening Out

Brunch- where you can booze it up or sip coffee in a classy venue among freshly made crepes, homemade jams, and local smoked bacon while lounging and conversing with your besties.   How is this different than an evening out?  For one, the sun shines, coffee is served, alcohol is softened with tomato and orange juice, and the food is gentler on recently awakened palate. Tighter and glitzier evening wear is retired for more relaxed cottons and colors. 

Rooster on South Grand, St. Louis, MO

Brunch is the daytime weekend equivalent of an evening out. See and be seen if that’s your scene.  Brunch allows sleeping in and relishing a lazy morning while still partaking in breakfast food. Brunch is relaxed and easy but still lovely but unpretentious. Break out trendy, in-the-now fun accessories and pieces of your wardrobe- like the clutch you bought at that cool boutique but never have a place to wear it. Or, add a fedora with a fav scarf. Brunch has flare where basic breakfast is well, basic. 

Rooster, where brunch is not basic.

I partook Sunday’s brunch in St. Louis’ South City’s up and coming Grove neighborhood at Rooster

Preacher, don’t send me when I die to some ghetto isn’t the sky where rats eat cats of the leopard type and Sunday brunch is grits and tripe.                            -Maya Angelou

Side note-St. Louis is a city comprised of oodles of small, distinctive minicipalities all of which are like their own little town. If you’ve ever encountered 2 St. LOUISANS, one of the first things they will ask each other is, “Where did you go to high school?”  While this baffles the rest of the world, the answer easily identifies where a St. Louisan grew up, his/her socioeconomic class, perhaps their religion (catholic, Lutheran, Protestant, etc.), perhaps their etnghnic background, their friend groups. 

Rooster specializes in brunch and only brunch. Their hours Are from 8am to 3 pm. Farm fresh food is bought and brought in daily from local farms and markets to offer an errant of scramble plates, crepe options and a la cart plates. 

Don’t forget to grab a cup of Joe. 

Free coffee bar while you wait.

My favorite plates include: 

  • The bacon, goat cheese, arugula, red onion, tomato jam and arugula-pesto served with 3 eggs over potatoes. Serve with a fresh Bloody Mary made with tequila and house made tomato juice. 
  • Smoked sirloin crepe with mushrooms, asiago and carmalized onions. Serve with decaf French roast fair trade coffee. 
  • A la carte biscuits and gravy seasoned with sausage and fresh oregano and a side of bacon.  Pair with hot tea. 
  • The farmer’s platter: 3 eggs, breakfast potatoes, bacon, sausage, toast, and house made jam. Complete this meal with a blini.  

Quick tip: use the app no wait to preorder a table. The wait can take from 20-60 minutes.  


5 thoughts on “Brunch-Daytime’s Equivalent of an Evening Out

    1. Oh no kidding? My husband is Colombian and grew up going back and forth between Bogota and the state of Choco. You’re right-brunch doesn’t really exist there. Bummer. Neither do salads for that matter or spices besides salt. Lol.

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      1. Spices are hard to get. We do have a handful of places doing good brunches, which is exciting. And there are a lot of healthier restaurants opening up with good salads – in certain areas.

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