Countryside Cottages in the Dominican

This is a photo diary of some of the enchanting cottages I saw in the Dominican countryside.

Striking features of these cottages include:

  • Bright colors: Fucia, electric blue, yellow: these are all examples of the rainbow of colors of the Dominican country bungalow and sometimes, all at once.

  • Corregated tin roof-Expresses ingenuity and resourcefulness.  Cut perfectly adding practicality and charm.
  • Swing doors: Allowing for Breeze and privacy.
  • Palm wood: Again, resourcefulness in using what is available.  Palm wood is plentiful in Dominican whereas other types of wood that the colonialists tried to employ had to be imported and costly.  The Palm wood added another touch of handcraftmanship as it is non uniform in size because craftsman has to take the wood from the base of the Palm.
  • Embellishments: Plants and flowers grace the outside of the house, colorful fences, ornamentation, and shutters are all ways these cottages are elevated in style.

    If you see similarities if the Creole Cottage, you wouldn’t be far off. Many island structures hold similar shape to adapt to the hot, humid climate. 

    A special thanks to Jerod Thorton, an architect Lawrence Group in Clayton, Missouri for his input. 


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