6 Reasons To Spend Your Holiday in New Orleans

1. Fun Fun Fun.  

If you are like me, cooking for a squad-sized group of hungry locusts is not your idea of fun or if you can’t bear to watch one more faceless jock score a touchdown, or if you feel like your ass is becoming permanently sealed to the couch, then New Orleans is the place for you. Music venues, historical sites, restaurants, and even just walking around the city streets at any time of day can entertain you.

Thanksgiving Day parade followed by the battle of the bands.

2. Throw out traditional ham and turkey.

Of course The Big Easy is known for its delectable eats.  This is never more true during the holidays.  Gumbo and street seared bbq are a welcomed change from traditional fare.  Though, if that’s what you prefer, you’re bound to find it with optional hot sauce on the side. 

BBQ pit outside Kermit’s Mother-in-law bar.
New Orleans is known for their food especially the gumbo, red beans and rice and jambalaya.

3. Music Baby

Few places resonate with the rhythm and sounds like New Orleans. Bands pop up on street corners, restaurants boast live jazz, even the outlet mall has an outdoor arena.  And when no one is performing there, musical xylephones and wind instruments line the hall for children to make music.  You may even be lucky to see a 2nd line performing.  

Meeting the world famous Kermit Ruffins. What an honor.

My favorite list of music venues: anything on Frenchman Street, Preservatoin Hall, and House of Blues.

4. Weather

Just take a glance at the various temperatures around the US.  Which of these places won’t leave your lips chapped, hands cracked, and your body chilled?  What’s more is that palm trees line the streets and the gulf wafts an air of the Caribbean.  

December 14th Weather around the U.S.:

  • Kansas City: 28 C
  • New York: 44 C
  • San Francisco: 59 C
  • Boston: 39 C
  • Las Vegas: 55 C

      New Orleans: 71 C

Giant ferns grace many of the homes. They thrive year-round due to the warm temperatures.

5. Shopping

Black Friday has nothing when it comes to shopping in Nola. You can’t beat the shopping there.  Must shopping stops: the antique stores, the art galleries (such as the Jamie Hayes Gallery), and the boutiques on Magazine and Royal Street such as Fleury Girl and Forever New Orleans.  Kiss boring shopping goodbye.

6. Voodoo

Last but not least, for that annoying family member you see during the holiday, you can easily get a voodoo curse or Gris Gris bag.  I personally recommend Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo on Bourbon St.  If you haven’t heard of this mambo, she is known as the voodoo queen of New Orleans from the late 1700’s.  

Sanding next to the (supposed) tomb of the voodoo queen of Marie Laveau. The XXX are from those who left an offering to the queen requesting a spell in return.
You do that voodoo that you do so well…


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