Former Carnivor’s Change of Heart

Carnivor’s, please do not shy away from this blog worried that this will make you too a tree-hugging vegetarian just by reading this blog.  Veganism and vegetarianism are not viruses or cults that will brain wash you.  No need to tread lightly.  But yes, to my gun toting and hunting family (some of them), after months of careful consideration and research, I finally took the plunge.  Why?  Oh, the many reasons…

Let’s just start with the tipping point- I was looking for more information about becoming a vegetarian.  Stumbling around on the internet one night, I discovered the 2011 documentary, Vegucated by Marisa Miller Wolfson.  She scream writer and director, Marisa tracks 3 people who volunteered to try becoming not a vegan for 6 weeks.  She shows what happens to them from the beginning of this track to the end regarding their physical health.   The results from just 6 weeks were amazing.  I was skeptical.  Eat meat we have always heard and, you need protein to build strong muscles.  Each volunteer lost weight, their blood pressure dropped significantly, and their cholesterol plummeted.  I was startled.  Now, not everyone who becomesvegetarian or vegan is guaranteed to loose weight.  You can’t just subside on bagels and donuts for example, and loose weight.  

This documentary showed the reality of the meat industry, in the fool ole USA anyway.  What about the argument that animals are meant to be eaten?  Yes!  That’s exactly what I thought as well.  The problem is the way animals are treated, raised, pumped with so many hormones to keep up with production, and how horrible the workers in these industries are treated.  On top of that, most of these workers are immigrants who do not have many other options and are too scared to report maltreatment.  

Don’t believe me though.  I am not looking for converts.  Do your own investigating.
I’m on day 3 and changing the way I think about eating, grocery shopping, and the planet.

59 Benefits to becoming a Vegan

Vegetarians are in great company.  Maybe you’ve heard of some of these folks:

  • Mike Tyson
  • Ghandi
  • Einstein
  • Prince
  • Cesar Chavez
  • Ben Franklin
  • Rosa Parks
  • Leonardo da Vinci



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