Cages & True Freedom

Cages come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Many of us are invulnerability thrown inside cages in childhood because of traumas we’ve experienced. And When as an adult, what feels normal is to go from one cage to another. Sometimes transferring to a prettier cage made of gold and decorated and gems and draped in ornate tapestries. But it is a cage nonetheless.

In my 30’s, I rescued the most beautiful and gentle dog half chow chow and half German Shepherd. She had a Chow’s purple tongue and a luxurious, thick, golden coat. She had undoubtably through something traumatic or more likely, a lifetime of trauma and so I felt a deeper connection to her. I wanted so much to love her and just let her know that she finally had a safe and loving home. No matter what I did, she was unable to trust me and let me love her the way I had hoped. I excepted this fact and loved her anyway. She was sweet and gentle and wonderful guard dog protecting my home and family fiercely. I very much identify with her because a part of me feels like or identifies with with such anxiety over trusting and feeling love and freedom. 

Victor Frankle, The author of, A Man’s Search for Meaning, and the creator of logotherapy talked about existential therapy and the fact that with freedom comes with a great deal of anxiety. 

Stepping out of the cage that really is unlocked anyway, and into a life of freedom leaves one feeling sometimes ungrounded and that rushing feeling you get when standing on top of the skyscraper and looking down as if you were about to tumble hundreds and hundreds of feet below to a perilous death. Yet, your mind knows you are firmly planted. I think the same is true with giving and receiving genuine and unconditional love because in order to do so one must be free and face then inexplicable feeling of the expansiveness of it. I suppose this may be the truest form of freedom. 


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