7 Benefits of Overpacking


I ditched my scant, little bags, sparse clothes, and minuscule toiletries in my 20’s. That’s a lie. It wasn’t until my late 30’s that I wised up. I’m not a Spartan! I screamed to myself after I already exhausted my 1 party dress and faced a hot Saturday night ahead of me in South Beach. Now that I’m not traveling with a back pack strapped to my body everywhere I go, I’ve changed the way I travel a little.

In looking back over my travel life, I’ve never regretted doing too much, taking too many pictures or buying that magnificent ring in the hole-in-the-wall antique store.    What I usually regret is the exact opposite.  Good life analogy.  Not that I’m a materialistic capitalist, but I think much can be said for allowing yourself to maximize on your travel bag limit.

Benefits of overpacking:

1. You are never without enough to keep you warm. Dressing in layers is the way to go during any travel trip, even to hot places. Even hot places get somewhat chill in evenings. Take a jacket, scarf, pashmina or whatever suites your fancy.

2. Didn’t your mother warn you about always having enough clean underwear?! I think yes.


3. Never  flench again that you didn’t bring that perfect piece of jewelry that completed your outfit. That’s because you brought it along with several other pieces of jewelry. But, I never leave jewelry in my checked luggage lest it becomes lost in the travel shuffle.  You also have just the right outfit for every occasion that might arise.

4. Allow yourself some of the creature comforts you love by bringing them with you. Yes, yes, traveling means embracing the unknown and so forth. Absolutely. But, I will say that I do not travel without my favorite tea. I also do not travel without my skin care products or all of my vitamins. Is that luxury?  It is to me.

5. Work out clothes, if you exercise, has space in your luggage. Even if you don’t like to exercise but might enjoy a stroll down the beach or a mountain trail, you have the clothes for it.

beach couple

6. Be that amazing friend and relative who gifts spectacular presents from your oh so wonderful vacation. I love to bring home gifts you can’t buy at Macy’s or the World Market. A tea pot from Bangkok, earrings from Japan, a notebook from hand made paper in Costa Rica: these are all unique and thoughtful gifts for your loved ones made possible only by allowing ample luggage space.


7. Finally, you brought that extra luggage so you can bring home souvenirs for yourself whether they are in the form of event brochures and magazines for a scrapbook or unique pieces from your exotic destination.

luggage 3


5 thoughts on “7 Benefits of Overpacking

  1. I love this! I’m on my fist day of a vacation while reading this blog. Just this morning before we left for our trip I looked around at all our things and thought to myself. I’m not sorry for over packing! I want what I want while on a trip and I don’t care. Thanks for the post!!!!


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