My Surprises from Kuala Lumpur

Oh the majestic, surprising Kuala Lumpur.  It dashed many of my preconceived notions about KL and here’s a quick list of what replaced them instead:IMG_1367

  • I thought it would be a quiet town that closed early.  Wrong!  One night, we were in an hour-long traffic jam because of a 24-hour sale at a department store.  People are out at all times of day and night.
  • The ethnic mixture of the Malay, Indians, and Chinese get along seemingly very well.
  • I thought Americans were everywhere.  I ran into Dutch, French, Colombians but no other Americans. one-goldfish-being-different-2163432
  • Malaysians work insane hours.  Working until 7 was considered early.  Working until 10 or later is common.
  • I wasn’t quite sure how conservative to dress as a woman visiting an Islamic country.  I found that if you’re not Muslim, no one really cares how you dress in Malaysia.  I still dressed more conservative than usual.
  • Malaysia is beautiful.  KL is a big city that grew ridiculously fast in a short period of time but nevertheless, it is filled with wonder at every corner.  IMG_1372
  • You can find any manner of amazing Asian cuisine: traditional Malayan, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, the list goes on and on including each countries’ regional cuisine.  It was heaven.
  • IMG_1388
    John and I enjoying Indian food.  Nan, the food of the gods.

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