4 Nights in Bangkok

Bangkok-wild, fragrant, electric, flowery, ever-moving Bangkok!  No where in the world is like Bangkok.  It’s like the Paris but on LSD and throw in jasmine and ever moving stream of people, motorcycles, trains, metros, and the like.  It and its people are enchanting.  Thailand has been called a land of a smiles.  They weren’t joking.  The people are enchanting.


I’ll be honest, I never expected to like Bangkok.  It was a complete surprise to both John and I.  We simply listed various places from Kuala Lumpur where we could travel to relatively easily and Bangkok was on the short list.  Arriving in the airport from KL at 10 pm, we were met by one of the largest airports I’ve ever visited.  You wouldn’t have known it was night or that late.  It was like a bee hive.

That night at the hotel, we were made aware of a special drink that once enjoyed turned into an offering to the water gods.

“We’ll take 2,” I said!

Our hotel had a fountain in fact.  Water is extremely important to the Thai and honoring the importance of water is also important.  How apropos then to be able to make such an offering on our first night.  How was the drink?  Absolutely amazing.  Somewhat coconuty and fruity.

Take-Aways From Bangkok:

  • The Chao Phraya River runs North to South through Bangkok.  Take a boat to experience the river.  Nothing is like it.
  • The Chatuchak weekend market is beyond words.  It never ends.  You can ind anything there and things you never knew existed.  Wow!
  • Bangkok is hot, tropically hot.  Wear sunscreen for my pigment challenged friends.  Drink more water than alcoholic beverages.
  • Ride a Tuk tuk.
  • Try your traveling skills with the metro.
  • The food is freaking amazing.
  • Ultimately, I can’t wait to go back.  One of my all time, favorite cities on this planet.
  • The nightlife in Bangkok is wild as well and not for the faint of heart.  Prepare for a great time.



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